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== Your temporary access has expired ==
<div style="padding: 8px; border: 1px solid #ccc; background: #fafaff;">Hello, the temporary access you requested on this wiki has expired. Just to let you know that If you want it back, feel free to make a local announcement and open a new request on [[m:Steward requests/Permissions|stewards' permission request page]] on Meta-Wiki later. Moreover, if you think the community is big enough to elect a permanent administrator, you can place a local request here for a permanent adminship, so stewards can grant you the permanent access. Please ask me or any other steward if you have any questions. Thank you! --[[Колдонуучу:MF-Warburg|MF-Warburg]] ([[Колдонуучунун баарлашуулары:MF-Warburg|talk]]) 21:54, 14 Ноябрь (Жетинин айы) 2013 (UTC)</div>
== Global account ==
Hi Umut! As a [[:m:Stewards|Steward]] I'm involved in the upcoming [[:m:Help:Unified login|unification]] of all accounts organized by the Wikimedia Foundation (see [[:m:Single User Login finalisation announcement]]). By looking at [[Special:CentralAuth/Umut|your account]], I realized that you don't have a global account yet. In order to secure your name, I recommend you to create such account on your own by submitting your password on [[Special:MergeAccount]] and unifying your local accounts. If you have any problems with doing that or further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me on my [[User talk:DerHexer|talk page]]. Cheers, [[Колдонуучу:DerHexer|DerHexer]] ([[Колдонуучунун баарлашуулары:DerHexer|talk]]) 22:12, 16 январь 2015 (UTC)