"Википедия:Администраторду шайлоо" түзөтүүлөрүнүн айырмасы

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* '''Oppose''', based on the stated need. Local file uploading should not be needed for a wiki of this size (80 active users per [[special:Statistics]]), especially since it's a strong vector for abuse for a wiki that's not patrolled regularly (it can be abused for storing illegal files). In addition to this, creating an EDP would be needed anyway before non-free images can be uploaded. --[[Колдонуучу:Martin Urbanec|Martin Urbanec]] ([[Колдонуучунун баарлашуулары:Martin Urbanec|баарлашуу]]) 17:50, 3 Сентябрь (Аяк оона) 2021 (UTC)
::@[[Колдонуучу:Martin Urbanec|Martin Urbanec]] You contradict yourself. You are claiming extremely low activity and at the same time reporting abuse. Abuse is possible when the community is very active. In addition, abuse is possible in any wiki, then with this approach you need to disable this feature in other wikipedias. There is a Wikipedia where loading is enabled, although there is no EDP for example kk.wikipedia. In addition, even without considering this topic (since there is no politician for it yet) there are other reasons why I need administrator rights.--[[Колдонуучу:Bosogo|Bosogo]] ([[Колдонуучунун баарлашуулары:Bosogo|баарлашуу]]) 06:34, 6 Сентябрь (Аяк оона) 2021 (UTC)