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Please, could you translate this article onto Kyrgyz language?

The Book of Mormon is a sacred text of the churches of the Latter Day Saint movement. It was first published in March 1830 by Joseph Smith, Jr. as The Book of Mormon: An Account Written by the Hand of Mormon upon Plates Taken from the Plates of Nephi.

Books of the Book of Mormon

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Could you check the article Шалом. There is already an article about Şalom, a Jewish weekly newspaper in Turkey, not in Kyrgyz but in English, but could you check it and translate it from the other Wikipedia language sites, if you have the time and patience to do so. The reason is that the newspaper Şalom is written (alas one page only) in a highly endangered language called Ladino or Judeo-Spanish, the Spanish of the 15th century. Perhaps this might gain your interest and sympathy.

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